Get Down

Fifteen and a half and I snuck out of bed,

To discover the girl who could shake off the day.

It didn’t matter I was by myself,

Cause who cares what they say?


So I taught myself to get down,

Only when the music is way too loud.

I learned how to laugh and jump around,

To the urge of a raging, pounding sound.


Maybe I haven’t seen her in a while

But I return to the silent rock show

After the fact of the crap the day had to send.

Eighteen and I still hide away from the same man.

But I’m here at eighteen and at least the girl in the mirror

Is still my best friend.


So I get down! Yeah I still got it,

Even if I don’t listen to all the songs I used to.

I got the jump and the leap in my step,

The dancing I’ve got to get to at night when it’s half past two.


Maybe I regret how I came off needy after the fact,

But I missed her so much and couldn’t think of anything else to say.

So what, now what, I guess she felt like she needed to go her own way.

So that’s what happened and I may still think about it all the time,

But hey, you know what helps me feel better about it is that I find,

I can still get down! Don’t have to feel like a defeat cause there’s still this sick, sick beat

And I guess God had something better in mind.


The anger underneath wants me to say to her, “Hey, who needs you anyway?”

But one thing I know as a Poetry King,

Is there’s no need to pretend I don’t care.

You know the truth is that I feel everything.

So I get down!

I get down to the way that hurt, how my true love ran,

And I have to know the Lord’s got my best intrest in plan.

And He lifts me up in the dark, to give me a song to sing,

Crying “Dear Lord, thank you for today and the blessings You give for free!

And here Lord, I don’t want or need these!

You can take all my anxious feelings from me!”


And no matter whether you believe in God,

I think you can still always get down.

So let’s hit that replay one more time,

To get down in the meanwhile, till we can get out of this town.



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