I’m enchanted, on a Monday, I never would have guessed.

I’m ignited, to the sound of rain, I am blown away at the way I am blest.

I’m terrified, I don’t want to breathe, what if I wake up and it was another dream,

Just another dream about her, to let me down like the rest.


I’m admonished, what if I had died the night before Monday?

How I thought I had nothing left to loose, the way I didn’t care;

But what if I hadn’t made it home, ever alone as it may be,

And never seen her standing there.


So I re-think it,

I need to beware of the death I flirt,

Though how well I know being alive is so hard.

Because sometimes alive is crying, your heart beating, and it’s being hurt;

But after a Monday, I remember now, I realized,

It may be that death leaves no more worries to have,

But there is also never a chance to be happily surprised.


And I’m afraid, because I know how what you thought you knew,

Can become a lesson you’ve learned;

So I leave it to the Lord, I give it to Him desperately, to find this peace,

Knowing He knows what I want, thanking Him for what has returned.


But I feel wicked, upon the grey sky I’m going to run away in the most beautiful way,

In the face of these fears, and other mountains to climb,

I recall other cliff tops I’ve scaled, with a fist to the sky.

All my deepest woes I defy with a rhyme.


I am powerful. With a poem I am sure.

Poems written under the clouds, and a dark sky, unknown by any but I about she.

I am alone. Without a doubt it seems,

A poem would keep me company.


So in a poem I confess, I’m not as brave as I wish.

At least in a poem I am understood; then these feelings find their place.

In a poem what I wanted most of all to say, over the sound of fears fading down the track,

To my own little astronaut, it’s alright, you had to discover some things in your space,

And now I’m enchanted you came back.



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