My insides got so excited when you mentioned disappearing down the western highway.

Like a movie, like an adventure

You looked so excited back at me through rad sunglasses

When we agreed to go together.


I must have repeated a million times, “You have a car?”

Because I couldn’t believe that meant we totally could.

So you were laughing and nodding, excited with me

Man please mean it you want to because by arrant irreversibility we should!


I think you get me like, lets just leave this place now.

I think I like you like, you’d be so much fun with to be.

I have a feeling you’re not going to judge me,

So I fall from the sky, I admit why I, am going crazy.


So I could be okay, and maybe I wouldn’t even have to say

Anything about it for now.

I don’t doubt it, if God would allow.

If I could feel the sand beneath my bare feet,

To defy recapitulated concrete! My vengeance against the paved street!

City I’ve seen too much, I’ll take your highway fast,

Then with my camera against an Arizonan sun glare

I’ll breathe again at last

And I’ll capture an 85 mile moment there.


Whatever you say pretty girl, you’re the navigator!

And I don’t care what part of that Golden State we go.

Just take me to the coast, show me some skies I’ll love most,

Give me the feelings to ditch responsibilities we know even though,

We’re not supposed.


I’m glad you’re so pretty,

Even though you remain

Just a friend to me.

Still let’s go be beautiful together!

Let’s be in unwavering surety when coterminously we are so young and unsure.


I’m so glad I know you,

Even if I still have to get to know who you are.

There’s plenty of time for that once we’re away,

When we’re crossing the miles in your car.


Too late to not want it is coming on fast, this idea has captured me!

Even unchangingly needed as words like it and the;

And I have to do this, I have to be by the sea,

Brea, take me to California!!


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