I want to watch a rainstorm with you.

I want to sit in a wind that will blow my hair back

Your perfect hair blow through.

I want to feel the rumble of the thunder in my chest next to you

Like the way my heart pounds near you. I want your hand on my heart,

If only you knew how much I love you.


I want to watch your face in the lightning, in the dark

You are a rainstorm to me.

You rain all over me, I am drenched, I am drowned.

Don’t you dare go, don’t you know?

The girl from the desert comes alive when you rain,

Whenever you come around.


Let it rain! I dare you to down pour!

Don’t you see the more I get wet,

The more I realize I love you most,

All your woes become mine to forget.


Lightning for me and light up the sky,

And for you I’ll thunder right back.

Darling rage round me with your storm,

You were always the one to make me feel most warm,

And I will love you forever, even after we’ve cut to black.


I want to watch a rainstorm with you.

I want my rainstorm all around me, envelope me! Till I’ve drowned!

I would rather not breathe if it means I’m with you,

Cause don’t you know you’ve already taken my breath away.

I am in love with you, rainstorm,

And in your storm, from now on, I want to forever stay.



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