Well, let’s see… I’m eighteen, 5 feet and 10 inches and I’m an introvert. I love loving things. I love thinking. I love the color green, I love wind and I love rain. I love to drink sweet things, I love to film things, I love meeting new people my age, and I love cats and horses. I love being positive. I love running, I love nature and I love guns. I love drawing, I love knives, I love art and I love guitar picks. I love camo and nail polish, I love Pam Beasley, and I love sunglasses. I love baseball caps, I love music and I love poptarts. I love movies and the way they are made. I love horse back riding, traveling, I love road trips, and I love driving at night. I love open roads, I love baseball and I love country things. I love exploring the outdoors and adventuring into places I maybe shouldn’t. I love going barefoot and I love wondering in nature by myself. I love soft grass and soft dirt, I love wrapping paper, I love Christmas and having friends over. I love girls and I love my middle name. I love the world of Oz, I love drawing pencils and I love bullets. I love poetry, I love pizza, I love cowboy boots and riding boots, and I love guitars. I love Friday and Saturday, I love belts and I love Chevrolet trucks. I love Kayla and Ashley. I love shopping, I love forests and wide open feilds, I love being active, and I love giving gifts. I love my birthday and my friend’s birthdays, I love clouds, I love thunder, I love Taylor Swift, and I love singing. I love a lot of things, but more than anything, I love Jesus, rainy weather and getting to be with my friends. ❤

Well, that’s about me! Thanks for stopping by!



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