I want to watch a rainstorm with you.

I want to sit in a wind that will blow my hair back

Your perfect hair blow through.

I want to feel the rumble of the thunder in my chest next to you

Like the way my heart pounds near you. I want your hand on my heart,

If only you knew how much I love you.


I want to watch your face in the lightning, in the dark

You are a rainstorm to me.

You rain all over me, I am drenched, I am drowned.

Don’t you dare go, don’t you know?

The girl from the desert comes alive when you rain,

Whenever you come around.


Let it rain! I dare you to down pour!

Don’t you see the more I get wet,

The more I realize I love you most,

All your woes become mine to forget.


Lightning for me and light up the sky,

And for you I’ll thunder right back.

Darling rage round me with your storm,

You were always the one to make me feel most warm,

And I will love you forever, even after we’ve cut to black.


I want to watch a rainstorm with you.

I want my rainstorm all around me, envelope me! Till I’ve drowned!

I would rather not breathe if it means I’m with you,

Cause don’t you know you’ve already taken my breath away.

I am in love with you, rainstorm,

And in your storm, from now on, I want to forever stay.




My insides got so excited when you mentioned disappearing down the western highway.

Like a movie, like an adventure

You looked so excited back at me through rad sunglasses

When we agreed to go together.


I must have repeated a million times, “You have a car?”

Because I couldn’t believe that meant we totally could.

So you were laughing and nodding, excited with me

Man please mean it you want to because by arrant irreversibility we should!


I think you get me like, lets just leave this place now.

I think I like you like, you’d be so much fun with to be.

I have a feeling you’re not going to judge me,

So I fall from the sky, I admit why I, am going crazy.


So I could be okay, and maybe I wouldn’t even have to say

Anything about it for now.

I don’t doubt it, if God would allow.

If I could feel the sand beneath my bare feet,

To defy recapitulated concrete! My vengeance against the paved street!

City I’ve seen too much, I’ll take your highway fast,

Then with my camera against an Arizonan sun glare

I’ll breathe again at last

And I’ll capture an 85 mile moment there.


Whatever you say pretty girl, you’re the navigator!

And I don’t care what part of that Golden State we go.

Just take me to the coast, show me some skies I’ll love most,

Give me the feelings to ditch responsibilities we know even though,

We’re not supposed.


I’m glad you’re so pretty,

Even though you remain

Just a friend to me.

Still let’s go be beautiful together!

Let’s be in unwavering surety when coterminously we are so young and unsure.


I’m so glad I know you,

Even if I still have to get to know who you are.

There’s plenty of time for that once we’re away,

When we’re crossing the miles in your car.


Too late to not want it is coming on fast, this idea has captured me!

Even unchangingly needed as words like it and the;

And I have to do this, I have to be by the sea,

Brea, take me to California!!

1:02 AM


Lying awake when I feel like writing a song, writing a poem,

I pull the covers up on my bed and crawl on top of a perennial plane.

When there are too many beautiful things to say,

That’s when I know I’m insane.


I’m so glad those still nights are behind my back,

I was so young and stupid, knocked out and mild.

Now with the wind in my face, whipping my shirt up, even if it’s the last I remember-

I am young and stupid, now watch me run wild!


This place is dark but it’s intriguing,

And I am too interested to not be brave.

I come alive in the wind so I evermore run into the storms,

I am not afraid.

You can not bring my heart down,

Because the rain is my parade!


Boxes full of notebooks,

Notebooks heard what I wanted to do.

And despite how the notebooks have always been there for me,

I lie here thinking how a notebook cannot hold me the way I need you to.


1:02 AM and I wish my sleep rest in peace,

I’ve left it behind with the pen in my hand and the rhymes from my head.

I don’t care this sleep deprive if it makes me feel alive,

Cause we sleep forever when we’re dead.


I forgot I had meant to be sleeping by now,

I’m sort of lost in this power,

Ever since these rhymes will not cease to own me

And I’ve been listening to the same song for an hour.


The forest is a wallpaper in a room without walls,

A windblown field is a painting to a brush strokes pull.

So absolute like the secrets I want to sing;

I think you’re wonderful!


Looking backwards looks different,

Somehow it becomes a cinematic strife.

Staring my own face down the mirror, in spite of things unsure I still have to admit,

Somehow I love my life.


When I feel like concluding a song,

I look to the covers on my bed and dive bomb from the extended analogical sky.

Drifting off to thoughts of my favorite dream,

I yawn and wave my 2:20 stanza goodbye.




I’m enchanted, on a Monday, I never would have guessed.

I’m ignited, to the sound of rain, I am blown away at the way I am blest.

I’m terrified, I don’t want to breathe, what if I wake up and it was another dream,

Just another dream about her, to let me down like the rest.


I’m admonished, what if I had died the night before Monday?

How I thought I had nothing left to loose, the way I didn’t care;

But what if I hadn’t made it home, ever alone as it may be,

And never seen her standing there.


So I re-think it,

I need to beware of the death I flirt,

Though how well I know being alive is so hard.

Because sometimes alive is crying, your heart beating, and it’s being hurt;

But after a Monday, I remember now, I realized,

It may be that death leaves no more worries to have,

But there is also never a chance to be happily surprised.


And I’m afraid, because I know how what you thought you knew,

Can become a lesson you’ve learned;

So I leave it to the Lord, I give it to Him desperately, to find this peace,

Knowing He knows what I want, thanking Him for what has returned.


But I feel wicked, upon the grey sky I’m going to run away in the most beautiful way,

In the face of these fears, and other mountains to climb,

I recall other cliff tops I’ve scaled, with a fist to the sky.

All my deepest woes I defy with a rhyme.


I am powerful. With a poem I am sure.

Poems written under the clouds, and a dark sky, unknown by any but I about she.

I am alone. Without a doubt it seems,

A poem would keep me company.


So in a poem I confess, I’m not as brave as I wish.

At least in a poem I am understood; then these feelings find their place.

In a poem what I wanted most of all to say, over the sound of fears fading down the track,

To my own little astronaut, it’s alright, you had to discover some things in your space,

And now I’m enchanted you came back.



So I told her I liked her,

What will happen now that I said that?

She kept looking over at me!

And I like her so enormously.


So I was really honest, when she was asking me,

And when I got home I hit the wall with an angry, “Damn!”

But at least I was honest.

At least that’s who I am.

Get Down

Fifteen and a half and I snuck out of bed,

To discover the girl who could shake off the day.

It didn’t matter I was by myself,

Cause who cares what they say?


So I taught myself to get down,

Only when the music is way too loud.

I learned how to laugh and jump around,

To the urge of a raging, pounding sound.


Maybe I haven’t seen her in a while

But I return to the silent rock show

After the fact of the crap the day had to send.

Eighteen and I still hide away from the same man.

But I’m here at eighteen and at least the girl in the mirror

Is still my best friend.


So I get down! Yeah I still got it,

Even if I don’t listen to all the songs I used to.

I got the jump and the leap in my step,

The dancing I’ve got to get to at night when it’s half past two.


Maybe I regret how I came off needy after the fact,

But I missed her so much and couldn’t think of anything else to say.

So what, now what, I guess she felt like she needed to go her own way.

So that’s what happened and I may still think about it all the time,

But hey, you know what helps me feel better about it is that I find,

I can still get down! Don’t have to feel like a defeat cause there’s still this sick, sick beat

And I guess God had something better in mind.


The anger underneath wants me to say to her, “Hey, who needs you anyway?”

But one thing I know as a Poetry King,

Is there’s no need to pretend I don’t care.

You know the truth is that I feel everything.

So I get down!

I get down to the way that hurt, how my true love ran,

And I have to know the Lord’s got my best intrest in plan.

And He lifts me up in the dark, to give me a song to sing,

Crying “Dear Lord, thank you for today and the blessings You give for free!

And here Lord, I don’t want or need these!

You can take all my anxious feelings from me!”


And no matter whether you believe in God,

I think you can still always get down.

So let’s hit that replay one more time,

To get down in the meanwhile, till we can get out of this town.



I’ve been wanting someone who I could know forever,

But you know people always get too busy, they always go away.

And so tonight now I’m just kinda feeling like, yeah. Whatever.


Maybe we never really get memories,

Maybe just mistakes that end it, just lessons to learn.

Maybe nobody is ever really my friend.

Maybe all they really are is my turn.


Maybe it’s awful to throw my loyalty to the ground,

But what does it matter?

When everyone I’ve ever known is nowhere to be found.

I love my friends and I miss them. And I wish things were balanced more fair,

Cause now I need a break from being the friend who’s always there.

Cause you know, it takes a lot of effort, to care.