Inviting Danger

I’m scared to get in trouble,

Yet all I crave is danger.

Why take the route you’ll have

someone to answer to,

When you can opt for the solitary cliff hanger?



Maybe either way it’s your fault,

The fact is everyone has minutes they’ve flopped.

Difference is you’ll be scolded when you’ve publicly tried,

But when you fall from a secret cliff side

There’s nothing left to worry about,

After your heart’s stopped.



Be strong, be sure,

You have so many victories that are so easy to forget.

But stand tall and forgiven and okay,

Because you are not defined by that one moment you regret.


My demons caught up to me,

And they gathered around and held me down,

I didn’t know what to say, so I ran away,

In all the sorrows of a single mistake I drown.


What I did, I did to mend.

All the hours and miles I journeyed through.

Because I’ll do whatever it takes Kayla,

I do whatever it takes to make this up to you.


I like you as my wingman,

Don’t worry bro’, I’m sure a girls how I’d do.

I love how you’re caring about me, it only makes me more sure,

All of the difficulties of growing up, I’m going to smash through.


Cause I am smart and I am sure,

I am determined and it’s about time.

Go that road all the way! Singing in the car on a Saturday,

Give me a open road that’s all becoming a rhyme.


You are stronger than the muscles you build,

You are fiercer than the danger by which you flirt,

You are more determined than the walls you face,

And you are more steadfast than those who desert.


I like the way you smile at me.

I love the way you’re face lit up,

You saw me and you’re face lit up.


I wish someone would flirt with her,

It isn’t fair, because I know everyone thinks she’s pretty.

And she deserves to know it too;

I wish they would all stop looking at me.


Don’t be so hard on yourself, friend.

I know you’re going to figure it out, make it through.

And don’t worry while you’re on your way,

I’m going to be there for you.


But isn’t it nice to know? Even if it’s not exactly what you need.

I’ve been spending all my time working to make the girls say damn.

The girls always tell me, “You’re the best.”

And now I know, and now I reply, “Yes, I am.”


Delight in your height, work for what you want.

Of the ones who hurt you, the ones you broke your heart,

Let them go, let them go forgiven.

Go faster, go farther, more driven, more sure than you were at the start.


You are strong, you are sure,

You are beautiful in the raglan shirt.

And she is the prettiest friend in the world,

She is the heaven that would make me forget the hurt.

What a beautiful night! To write about a beautiful friend.

What a way to be alright! To drown in a poem that will not end.


When it has to end, when I am mortal still,

I still strain to build the muscles on my chest.

I drown, fly away to a song that steals my soul,

I drown in a night I know, oh to always know this way,

I know I am blest.


When making fellowships all become a war,

Then I realize having friends is all about having friends worth fighting for.

I’m so tired. Already I’m so tired.

By an intoxicating tune I’d go back to recall what about me she might have admired.

Dauntless, I would be dauntless and marvelous,

And now’s about time I stop thinking about us.

I want to let you go, even your memory,

I want to so bad but I don’t know how; maybe this is the hardest part of defying gravity.

I still miss you, I still love you. I still remember all our precious moments, our dear days, how bad we wanted to be together.

I’m falling apart now that in the end, I was the only one of us who was true. I was the only one who was sure.

I’m falling to the floor to crash to pieces after all the heart and loyalty you lack.

I’m crumbling away in the worse way day by day knowing I would always fight for you, but you wouldn’t fight for me back.

Then when it’s all like having all those others to help me move on is so hard,

I’m fighting to get them around, struggling to move forward.

I can’t keep going on this way. I can’t keep missing you friend.

Holding it all together the whole week long just to break down on the weekend.

Then I feel like it might help to say it out loud, yet for all my angst I’ve confessed it just brings it back again and it makes me want to scream.

I’m trapped with thoughts and memories of us, trapped remembering us as a team while were apart,

While it’s like your trapped away in another world,

But the worst part is like you just walked away.

Just called me up one day to say,

“Despite your devotion to be there for me to the end,

 I’m on my way and you’re on your own friend.”

Then I’m torn, now I’m broken, worn, I’ve been let down again.

I didn’t break down upon realizing people aren’t true,

It wasn’t being broken again, it was being broken and that I was let down by you.

Now by this pain that conquers I don’t know what to do,

But I realize when fellowships all becoming a war,

Friendship’s about finding friends worth fighting for.

Into The Valley


Your hand in my hand,

The grip of a friend I’ve been wanting,

I’ve been missing, a good friend,

I’m sure the power in the world belongs to me then,

When you’re with me,

I have faith in something that upon a hand held lovingly I know.

Against the dark filled with horrors unknown then I can turn my face

and with a step firmer stepped in defiance of devils and hobgoblins crept,

Into the valley we go.


Hold my arm! I’m feeling alright that I know I can hold yours.

Against this backdrop of thunder and flashes of lightning by an

overcast sky,

The thunder rumbles hauntingly behind a flash which lights me here a moment,

And you should be here.

Sitting quietly with me, or we could talk softly,

About that beauty.


I’m sure I love you in that way that we both know,

Where it’s okay, and you love me that way too.

Like chocolate and French fries, a hittin’ homerun kind of love.

And as your friend in that open road way I know you understand,

You defied how others would have treated me,

And I love you; thank you for holding my hand into the valley.


Thank You For Today

So dear Jesus,

You know today’s been great and suppose that’s because of You.

I wanted to say thank you and recollect a few

Favorite parts of today for when I want to reminiscently view.


Thank you so much for helping me finish,

It’s so amazing one of those big things I wanted to finish is done and I no longer have to wait!

It seemed so far away, but I did it! I worked so hard and I did it!

Thank you so much for helping me! Thank you for helping me graduate!


And you know cutting class early was so cool,

And I’m rad when I have a list, when I also have spontaneous in me.

And it’s the best when I have fun getting shit done,

It’s the best driving all over town when I’m free, when I’m with my own company.


And I’m glad I decided You know best after all,

I’m happy I’m relieved to let you bring what’s best for me, even if it means taking things I’d loved away.

I’m so grateful for today.


And You know writing my friend Kayla was the best!

It made the day so perfect and right!

Because she’s so fun to talk to and she’s a pure delight!

Please help her on Wednesdays when they feel long and bad,

And give her lots of good things to brighten her way!

Thank you for all the great stuff we both got to share and thank you I got to talk to her today!


Thank you for my gum and my doughnuts,

Thank you for music that makes walking like a dance.

I love those days I’m feeling good on my own,

And days I look good in my Chevrolet hat and my sort of ripped pants.


I love the days driving when I don’t even notice it’s not rainy,

When I’m already thinking of other things and not wanting to follow the speed limit,

Those days when I’m thinking about her and it’s okay,

The days I’m pressed by no mortal time and I can linger in a minute.


Thank you for my drink,

And thank you for the shopping I did feeling free!

Thank you for the joy you’ve given me Lord,

And thank you for the joy I can make and I can see.


Please help today end great and help me finish graduating,

Please be with all those dear in my heart, like Kayla and Kathy; one’s who were and I would and who may.

Bless them and guide them and keep taking care of me I pray.

You are good God and I’m grateful.

I just wanted to say thank you a lot for today.


Mortal Courage

dark sea

Despite the fire, the rage of the world,

With all it’s wars, it’s hardships scourge,

A woman can press on feeling sure though mere mortal.

She can face, run towards, fight through the flames,

When armed with mortal courage.


Mortal courage is surely the truest of them all,

More than the stout of heart owning powerful form and figure.

Yea, greater than they who have much beyond the void which aids them standing tall.

Nay these ne’er compare to one weak who fights the flames,

For mortal courage drives the mortal fast despite truly knowing she may fall.


And so I strive, I would thrive by the good I find and the gravity I defy,

Because, in the end, all mortals get to live and die,

But I would more than survive when trials and earthly struggles merge.

I will more than thrive.

I have mortal courage.


That courage though within my bones, it rests upon my Maker,

And so by Him I charge the fray though life would damn men to flee.

I fear it not, I transcend Satan’s shadow armed with poetry my sword and my faith in the Lord,

By Him and Him alone I’ll be all alright. By Him, I’ve got that mortal courage in me.





When good things go to those who do not deserve,

And the good are left for a time, when things seem not fair,

Hold to the goodness you showed to them you loved,

Hold to your goodness and do not despair!

For by all things holy and all things true,

I decree by a eternal spell of poetry!

On the days of your life this same mercy shall be extended to you!

When faithful friends change and souls you knew digress,

You shall not be vanquished, nor shall this evil steal your life’s happiness!

For only a spell will these troubles cause woe,

When the friend of your youth did desert you and go,

You shall arise upon the strength of your own!!

By the goodness of your soul shall you stand and thrive!

Despite heart aches known or that you would once cross;

Though this goodness others may have forsaken or your goodness offered they did deny,

It is their loss,

And this goodness shall not leave you to die!!

This goodness inside shall not leave your side!

For all the goodness you ever did or would do,

Though forsaken by others it will not forsake you!!!

Stand up then, upon the poem that calls your courage!

When the time comes that despair shall pass away,

You will know in your heart that by your own hand;

A hand faithful and fair; you will be able to say,

“Pass on frightful things! The things that lurk to tear my soul apart!

There is not for you to conquer here!”

By goodness in your soul and goodness in your eye,

Let happiness overcome things that would try to make you fear.

Now is the time to forge ahead!

Do not fear the faces that would come then go!

What even demons may know,

That they cloaked in darkness may not near so much hurt!

And woman is not stayed by a thousand of these

Like one angel who did her companion desert.

Though devil or saint who would stab at your heart,

Gird up yourself and by steadfastness address

For you need not fear those who would cause you to fall;

You shall not fall Delight, for your soul is filled with goodness.